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Data backup

At EvoluTel, the protection of your data is important to us. No company is immune to failure or misuse resulting in data loss. We want your company to have the best solutions to protect it from any IT problems that could lead to data loss.


Data backup solutions

In the changing world of IT, several backup solutions are available. Whether it is a local, cloud or hybrid backup (mix between the two options), each of them has its advantages and vulnerabilities. Relying solely on a local backup is no longer a recommended option these days. Local backups are not monitored and you have no way of knowing for sure that the backup has been performed. Using a local external hard drive is certainly inexpensive, but involves a lot of risk for your data.

Cloud Backup

You regularly hear about Cloud? This technology can help you with your backups. With the advent of Cloud solutions, it is now possible for you to backup your data off-site in secure data centers. Whether you have 5 GB, 400 GB or 20 TB of data, this type of solution is totally accessible to you. 100% supervised daily backups are performed for your peace of mind. Several options for retaining information are available to you, all in a Cloud with data centers located in Canada.

Are you interested in one of these solutions? Our team will advise you on the solution that best suits your needs and those of your company. Trust in nearly two decades of experience in business IT solutions!

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