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Wi-Fi in your company

Wi-Fi is no longer a luxury. It is present everywhere and we have access to it almost anytime. However, it is important not to confuse domestic Wi-Fi access, where a simple router may be sufficient, with a corporate Wi-Fi service.


Identify your needs

In order to adequately meet your needs and those of your company, you will need to be able to provide information on the number of users that can be connected to the Internet simultaneously, the use that will be made of it and the speed required. A company that often makes video-conferences or shares large files frequently will need a faster Internet connection than another company that simply sends and receives emails.

En vue de satisfaire adéquatement à vos besoins et à ceux de votre entreprise, vous devrez être en mesure de fournir des informations sur le nombre d’utilisateurs susceptibles d’être connectés simultanément à Internet, l’usage qu’il en sera fait et la vitesse nécessaire. Une entreprise faisant souvent des vidéo-conférences ou partageant fréquemment de gros fichiers aura besoin d’une connexion Internet plus rapide qu’une autre entreprise qui se contente d’envoyer et de recevoir des courriels.

Securing your network is the key!

Of course, with the democratization of the Internet and the increasing number of its users, the Internet is not without risks. And a Wi-Fi connection not protected by a wireless security protocol (commonly referred to as an Internet key or Internet password) opens the door to intrusions by potentially malicious people and compromises the confidentiality of the information shared in this network and its integrity. The solution? An encrypted security protocol of the WEP or WAP type that allows the encryption of shared information through the protected Wi-Fi connection. For companies, it is also recommended to require identification of network users (e. g. with a username and password) to increase the security level of the connection.

Your guests and productivity

Nowadays, more and more people who frequent a retail or business as guests are demanding access to the Internet. In order not to affect the productivity of your employees, it is possible to have a "private" Wi-Fi access and a Wi-Fi Guest access. Having two separate accesses to your network allows you to manage access and increases the level of security. Finally, you can also segment and distribute your bandwidth (Internet speed), which allows you to prioritize the efficiency and speed of your "private" Wi-Fi access.

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