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Telephony in the Cloud

Hosted telephony allows you to access all the basic features of a traditional telephone system for small businesses.

Hosted telephony is a telephone system in which all telephony and software applications are hosted in a data center and accessed over a secure Internet network. Specifically, we only install "IP" type telephones in your office, which are connected via your network cabling and routed to your office Internet to finally connect to the Cloud where the phone system application resides.



Benefits of hosted telephony

Hosted telephony allows you to have access to all the basic features of a telephone system for SMEs with the cloud (PBX-Cloud), Ideal for small businesses of 6 or less, you can pay on a monthly basis all telephone and line services.

  • Reduce your costs
  • Unlimited Canadian long distance call
  • Improves user mobility
  • Constant evolution since the system is hosted and is updated regularly
  • Made according to the needs of the companies.

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