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What is VoIP

The Voice over IP telephony system is the 4th generation in terms of telephone technology, it includes all the specifications of the previous generation. This business telephone service offers new innovative features for the SME; redirecting your voice messages to your emails, unified voicemail, mobility and so much more. Ideal for businesses with multiple office locations. A unique, flexible and highly stable service for businesses, institutions and retailers.

Voice over ip

Other advantages of VoIP

Multiply the effectiveness of your communications while keeping control of the information in your emails. A perfect solution for SMEs!

  • Less expensive than traditional landline
  • High-quality service of incomparable reliability
  • The convenience and comfort provided by a VoIP telephone system
  • Available worldwide
  • Unified Messaging service

Unified Messaging access to the email and voicemail messages in their mailbox. This service lets you listen to your voicemails everywhere you want with your mobile or tablet.

  • Accessible even outside the office
  • Digital application for your emails
  • Fast transfer of your audio files
  • Unlimited Canadian long distance call
  • Supports digital telephone and cabling telephony
  • Hybrid IP Phone System

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