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EvoluTel offers a range of versatile and scalable server solutions for companies running Windows. For nearly two decades, EvoluTel has put its know-how and interpersonal skills at the service of thousands of companies in the region to help them optimize their computing equipment.


Roles of a server

As the server is the centrepiece of a company's IT network, we have equipped ourselves with the most efficient and energy-efficient equipment on the market. Setting up a server has many advantages, as it plays several roles.

  • 1. Data sharing. The main function of the server is undoubtedly the centralization of sharing and the collection of information from the company.
  • 2. Access to information management. It is possible to manage and control access to certain folders and documents stored on the server.
  • 3. Security and protection. An important role of a server is certainly to secure the computer network. The server is protected by an antivirus and a firewall while only allowing authorized people to access the network.
  • 4. Telecommuting. Are you a company that needs access to information outside the office? A server will allow you, using a secure connection, to access your data, as if you were sitting at your desk.

The presence of a physical server in your environment does not appeal to you? The possibility of recreating a network tree in the Cloud is entirely accessible to any company. This only requires a good analysis of your needs and a stable and fast internet connection for the job to be done.

At EvoluTel, we team up with you to offer you the best IT service available to best meet your needs and those of your company. Interested in discovering our solutions that have proven their worth with many companies in the region?

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